void TREADS::FrequentlyAskedQuestions()
by Steve Hardt

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does TREADS cost?

TREADS is free and Open Source under the conditions of the GNU Public License. Donations accepted on the Downloads page.

Can I beam TREADS to my friends?

Yes, send it far and wide.

What devices run TREADS

TREADS will run on any Palm-compatible device running PalmOS 3.0 or higher. This includes the devices from Palm itself, Sony Clie, Handspring Visor, Samsung and Kyocera Cellphone-PDAs, and devices from Handera, Acer, and Symbol. (Exception: Some 320x320 devices such as Palm Tungsten are not supported. I'm working on it.) TREADS will run in color if your device supports it.

How about Pocket PC / Windows CE devices? Will TREADS work on them?

No. Buy a Palm.

How do I report bugs?

Please send a Bug Report.

Are there any cheats?

Yes, if you can find the hidden "Easter Egg" page.

How is TREADS written?

TREADS is programmed in C++ using the PalmOS SDK and Metrowerks CodeWarrior. C++ is a messy hybrid language, but if you're careful you can write clean object-oriented code with better performance than most OO languages (Java, Smalltalk). I use quite a few advanced C++ features including inheritance (especially for the hierarchy of vehicles, buildings, bullets, and everything else in the world), exceptions (error handling), and templates (custom container classes with a few tricks to minimize bloat). I only needed RTTI(dynamic_cast) in a few places and it made the executable larger, so I turned it off and made a mini version just for those classes.

What are the game controls?

Run TREADS, click the menu button, and select "Controls...". It will give you the full story. Basically, move the stylus around the Graffiti area to steer your vehicle and press the hard-buttons on your device to use weapons or eject. Don't make strokes with the stylus, instead press down and keep pressed down as you move the stylus. Your vehicle will follow the stylus movements. Only use the left part of the Graffiti area, where you normally input alphabet letters. The right part, where you normally input numbers, won't do anything.

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